A Selection Of Our Exclusive Bespoke & Custom Collections

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Coppley  •  Loro Piana  •  Dormeuil  •  Holland & Sherry  •  Scabal  •  Cerruti

For the thinking man in business, the idea of putting one’s self in the best possible light, by virtue of the clothes he wears and how they fit, is a no-brainer.

At J. Michaels, custom made, bespoke clothing is not just a passing fad or the latest bandwagon to jump on—it’s at the very heart of what we do…how we built our business. After extensive training and tutelage and more than 30 years of wrapping a tape measure around all kinds of body types with geometric variations in dimensions, we know how to build a garment that’s going to fit the way you want it to. What’s more, as one of America’s premier independent custom clothiers with our own private label, we have access to more than nine different custom clothing facilities including Oxxford, Belvest, Hickey Freeman and Peter Millar, we know about workmanship and fabrics and what constitutes a real business man’s wardrobe, as well as how to incorporate style changes without looking like you’ve gone off the deep end. It’s what makes us different than all the upstarts out there with a pile of venture capital money, a 3-D body scanner, a cool website, and what they think is a brand new idea.

Of course, if you want to look like you just jumped off the pages of GQ, ready for a fashion show or a date with a super model, we can help you there, too. But, if you are a man who is, by virtue of the circles you’re running in, the magnitude of the deals you’re doing, or the influence you need to exert in any given situation, considering upping your sartorial game, maybe it’s time to sit down with the folks who speak your language and have your objectives in mind.